At the Concert. Favourite Melodies. Present Perfect Passive

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Тема. At the Concert. Favourite Melodies. Present Perfect Passive

Мета: вдосконалювати навички читання й усного мовлення; практикувати учнів у ММ і ДМ за проблемними ситуаціями, розвивати логічне й аналітичне мислення; формувати навички непідготовленого усного мовлення; розвивати пізнавальний інтерес, аудитивну пам’ять та увагу.


I. Організація класу. Привітання

II. Підготовка до іноземного мовлення

Фонетична й мовленнєва зарядка.

III. Основна частина уроку

A) Ех. 8, р. 106 – Put the verbs in brackets into

the correct tense form.

B) Listen to the dialogue and say what Dan is looking for in record shop. Look through the dialogue and answer the following questions.

C) Grammar: Present Perfect Passive Voice (the chart). Ex. 3, p. 108 – Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Perfect Passive voice

– Has been built

– Has been found

– Has been awarded

– Has been recorded

– Has been attended

– Has been received

– Has been used

D) Read the sentences and use them in your dialogues.

– The usher will show us our seats.

– Let’s mount to our seats in the balcony.

– I am eager for the concert to begin, you know.

– It’s a play in three acts, isn’t it?

– They change the sets in no time.

– I have never seen anything half so splendid.

– Oh, it’s too lovely for words!

E) Ex. 4, p. 108 – Look at the pictures of CDs, read the information and match the names of the children with the CDs they want

to buy.

You are going to buy one of the CDs. Work in pairs. Act out the dialogue “In a Record Shop”, Use Ex. 1, as a model.

F) Some additional information to the topics to be learnt.

– Oh, yes, I dote on music.

– This work is a monument of genius.

– Who put the words of this piece of poetry to music?

– This music is violent in the extreme and often very complex.

– He helped to restore this kind of music to its former greatness.

– He is a musician, every inch of him.

– Their popularity is growing with bounds and leaps.

– Few can equal him.

IV. Завершальна частина уроку

Домашнє завдання

Ех. 5, р. 109.

Підсумки уроку

Учитель підбиває підсумки уроку й оцінює роботу учнів.

Яке значення має рух для тварин.
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