Lesson 2. All About Food

Unit 2. AT HOME

Lesson 2. All About Food


Ex. 2, p. 65

1. Because there is too much sugar and s>

2. It is olive oil.

3. No, brown bread is better.

4. Organic food is full of vitamins and minerals.

Ex. 3, p. 65

Power foods-3

For More Energy-1

For Stronger Immunity-4

For Better Concentration-2

For Whiter Teeth – 6

For Cleaner Skin-5

Ex. 5, p. 67

A) he>

B) fried

C) cereal

D) repair

E) increase

F) pimple

G) grilled

H) snack


Ex. 1, p. 69

1. d, 2. f, 3. b, 4. c, 5. i, 6. a,7. g, 8. h, 9. e, 10. j.

Ex. 2, p. 69

Cut, slice, slice, put, put, put, eat

Ex. 3, p. 70

1. Four the pancakes you need 2 cups of flour, 1 egg, 1 cup of milk and a spoon of sugar.

2. First mix the eggs and the milk.

3. After that put in a spoon of sugar.

4. Then add the


5. Finally fry the pancakes.

6. Serve the pancakes with jam or chocolate.

Ex. 4, p. 71

1. fork,

2. spoon,

3. napkin,

4. plate,

5. bowl,

6. bottle,

7. mineral water,

8. glasses,

9. juice,

10. grape,

11. orange,

12. s>

13. black pepper,

14. bottles,

15. oil,

16. vinegar.

Ex. 5, p. 71

1. dinner,

2. fork, spoon,

3. starter, main course and dessert,

4. black pepper,

5. vinegar,

6. sparkling.


Ex. 4, p.73

1. mustn’t,

2. must,

3. mustn’t,

4. mustn’t,

5. mustn’t,

6. must,

7. mustn’t,

8. must,

9. mustn’t,

10. must.


Ex. 1, p. 74

A little food

A little money

A few schools

A few days

A little ice cream

A few tomatoes

A little sugar

A little air

A few coins

A few cars

A little advice

A little luggage

Ex. 2, p.


1. a little,

2. a few,

3. a little,

4. a little,

5. a little,

6. a few,

7. a little,

8. a few,

9. a little,

10. a little.

Ex. 3, p. 75

1. lots of time,

2. a lot of things,

3. a few things,

4. a little help,

5. a little time,

6. a lot of.

Ex. 4, p. 75

1. a few

2. lots more

3. a little more

4. a little more

5. a lot more

6. a few more


Ex. 3 (a), p. 77

1-b, 2-a, 3-c, 4-c


Ex. 1, p. 79

Ukrainian Borsch

We need Cabbage – 200g

Tomatoes – 150g

Sour cream – 200 g

Parsley – 5 g

Carrots – 200 g

Butter – 50 g

Beet root – 300g

Onions – 80g

Dill – 5 g

Vinegar – 10 g


Cut cabbage, potatoes, carrots and put them into the broth. Boil them during 10 minutes. Then cut beetroots and add them to the vegetables. Go on boiling them. Put some butter on the frying pan and let it melt. Cut onions and fry them until they get yellow. Add some sour cream and grated tomatoes. Let this boil and pour it into the pan. Add some vinegar and s>

Cut parsley and dill and add them before serving.

Ex. 2, p. 79

Dear Kate

Here is the recipe of my favourite fruit salad. We often make it in summer. You need 200 g raspberries, 100 g strawberries, a banana and some yogurt.

Put berries in the bowl and mix them. Then slice a banana and add it. Mix all the ingredients. Tastes better with some yogurt or cream. But it is also very tasty with ice-cream. You may also add some grated chocolate. Serve in little bowls for dessert. It is tasty when it is cold. So put it into the fridge for 30 minuted before serving. Hope you and your family will enjoy it. Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes


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