Lesson 44


Lesson 44

Питальна форма Present Perfect Tense (теперішнього доконаного часу) утворюється за загальним правилом: допоміжне дієслово (have або has) ставиться перед підметом


– Have you opened the window?

– Yes, I have.

– No, I have not (haven’t).

Заперечна форма Present Perfect Tense (теперішнього доконаного часу) утворюється за допомогою частки not, яка ставиться після допоміжного дієслова (have або has).


I have not opened the window.

He has not opened the window.

1. Complete the sentences with either has or have. Write them down in your exercise book.

1. He… talked a lot.

2. We…

enjoyed the company of other people.

3. She… smiled at me.

4. I… noticed his feelings.

5. You… worked hard.

6. They… given presents.

7. He… felt safe and relaxed.

2. Make the following sentences negative.

1. I have used new words.

2. She has appreciated your help.

3. We have looked at the pictures.

4. They have matched the pictures to the descriptions.

5. I have thought of you.

6. He has talked with his friend.

7. He has told me what kind of person you are.

3. Write one question to each sentence.

1. They have acted out the dialogue.

2. He has told us how they look like.

3. She has described his character.

4. I have answered your question.

5. They have guessed the puzzle.

6. We have made up eight sentences.

7. They have spoken about their relatives.

4. Read and learn the poem “The Beaches of Mexico”.


Have you ever seen the beaches of Mexico?

Have you ever walked the streets of Paris?


you ever been to England?

Have you ever been to Spain?

Have you ever walked barefoot in a heavy rain?

Well, I have not seen the beaches of Mexico.

I have not walked the streets of Paris.

I have not been to England.

I have not been to Spain.

But, I have sure walked barefoot in a heavy rain.

5. Guess the grammar puzzle.

1. Present…

2. ніколи

3. вже

4. цієї п’ятниці

5. нещодавно

6. відтоді

7. щойно

Lesson 44

6. Read, complete and learn the poem.


I have learned many lessons from life.

I have learned from many different people.

And in many different ways.

What I have learned from my family is…

What I have learned from my friends…

What I have learned from…

And what…

These are the lessons

I have learned from life.

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