Lessons 1-2. Look back


Lessons 1-2. Look back

Ex. 1, p. 172

1. guided

2. took, of

3. an, into

4. got

5. art

6. went, it

Ex. 3, p. 173

Old, copy, 16th, playwrights, born, didn’t read, small, wood, benches, were standing, cheered, clapped, actors, men, they

Ex. 5, (b), p. 175

1 T, 2 F, 3 F, 4 T, 5 T, 6 T, 7 T, 8 F

Ex. 7, p. 175

I am a regular theatre-goer so I know the repertoire of our theatre well.

Some days ago we went to our Opera and Ballet House to see “Nutcracker”.

I like ballet and I like the music of Tchaikovsky so I was looking forward to it. I was impressed very much. The scenery was wonderful, the acting was brilliant the music was beautiful.

I was looking at the stage with bated breath.

When the performance was over, we all burst into applause. The actors received a lot of curtain calls and flowers.

I think I got a powerful theatre experience that day.

Ex. 9, p. 176

1. I am going out tonight. I’ve got two tickets to the Musical theatre.

2. What’s on?

3. A comedy.

4. Who is your companion?

5. My elder sister is. She always enjoys a good laugh.

6. Oh, is it possible to join you?

7. Of course, you can. We can try to get an extra ticket at the theatre door.

8. Fine. I am going to join you. See you tonight at 6. 30

9. OK. Let’s meet outside the theatre near the entrance door.

10. Good. Looking forward to seeing you. Reading for Fun

Ex. 4, p. 182

1-F, 2-T, 3-F, 4-T, 5-F, 6-F, 7-T, 8-T

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