Grammar Smart

Ex.2(a), p.141

1. Had Alice taken up calisthenics by the age of 6?

Had calisthenics been taken up by Alice by the age of 6?

2. Had we bought two tickets for the football match before the match began.

How many tickets had been bought before the match began?

3. Had the coach invited newcomers to the gym before the beginning of the game? Had newcomers been invited to the gym before the beginning of the game?

4. Had the boys tried team sports before they took up individual sports?

Had team sports been tried by the boys before they took up individual sports?

5. had our girls broken an old record in basketball by the end of the competition, had the old record in basketball been broken by our girls by the end of the competition?

6. Had the class greeted new champions before the lesson began?

Had new champions been greeted before the

lesson began?

Ex.2 (b), p.141

1. Why had the boy been signed up for golf before you went to school?

2. Where had he been taken before he saw golfers for the first time.

3. What game had been developed by the 15th century?

4. Who had been awarded with the first prize?

5. Where had the children been seen playing?

6. When had the children signed up for cricket?

Word Smart

Ex.2, p.143

I would like to try rugby though it requires lots of skills.

I enjoy calisthenics. It’s the most elegant and graceful sport.

My brother signed up for cricket a month ago. Etc.

Зразок виконання домашнього завдання.

I am a football fan so I am a member of our school football team and take part in all the matches. But I would like to try something new.

Speed, excitement, danger. You can find all these in the different extreme sports that have become popular last 10 years. Take bungee jumping. You jump off a bridge and you fall and fall, and then, just before you hit the ground or water, an elastic rope pulls

you back.

But I am not sure that mum will allow me to do this. She think that l am a little boy still.

Time to read

Ex.2, p.145

1. Mr. Ward recommended football, hockey, rugby, athletics, tennis and cricket.

2. Schoolchildren will have football oh Monday.

3. Yes, rugby differs from football.

4. All kind of athletics from track-and – field events to gymnastics.

5. Cricket focuses on bats and balls.

6. Phil signed up for rugby.

Ex.3, p.145

1. sports

2. games

3. sport

4. games

5. sport

Time to communicate

Ex.1, p.146

In Phil’s school a lot of attention is paid to after-school activities. Mr. Ward. A PE teacher recommend some activities to improve pupils’ he>

Every Monday they play football. On Tuesday the students can play hockey. Witnessed activity is rugby.

Thursday is the day of athletics. Friday is given for tennis and cricket. That’s a good idea. I think all the pupils will enjoy it. Phil is going to sign up for rugby.

Ex.3, p.146

Cricket is an outdoor game mostly liked by the children and they dream to become a good cricketer in their young age. It is played using a bat and a ball in the big open field. It is the played in between the two competitor teams having 11 players. It is played in the field having a centre of rectangular 22-yard long pitch. It is used by the batsman to take a turn while batting and attempting to get score runs as an innings.

I don’t think cricket is popular in Ukraine. But I am sure you will enjoy it.

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