Повторення граматики


Lesson 9

Тема. Повторення граматики


Навчальна: повторити та узагальнити граматичний матеріал, закріпити вживання гра­матичних структур, активізувати вивчений лексико-граматичний матеріал у мовленні, розвивати вміння та навички читання, письма, усного монологічного та діалогічного мовлення;

Розвивальна: розвивати інтелектуальні та пізнавальні здібності, різні типи пам’яті – слухову, зорову, оперативну, тривалу, увагу, уяву, учити працювати в парі, групі, логічно висловлювати думку;

Виховна: виховувати

культуру співбесіди, зацікавленість у розширенні свої знань, загальну культуру учнів і толерантність до однокласників.

Обладнання: граматичні таблиці, картки за темою.

Хід уроку


1. Miming: Pupils mime sports and activities. The others guess which sport or activity is being mimed.


2. Look and say (p. 140, ex. 1).

Pupils look at the picture, find the words, make up questions and answer them.

– What can you see? – I can see a book / a pointer / a computer, etc.

– What are the children’s names? – They are Ann / Dan / Sue, etc.

– Whose things are these? – This is Jane’s computer / Alice’s pen, etc.


3. Work in pairs. Ask and answer (p. 140, ex. 2).

Ask the pupils to read the task.

Pupils choose their favourite words and write them down.

Interviews: Get the pupils to practice interviewing

each other.

In pairs, pupils read and practice the questions and answers.

One or two pairs act out the dialogues.


4. Write short answers (p. 140, ex. 3).

Write the questions on the board.

Pair work: Get the pupils to ask the questions first. Pupils then work in pairs to complete the questionnaire.

Then they change partners and go through the questions again.

Tell the pupils to use the answers to help them write the answers to the questions.

5. Look, complete and say (p. 141, ex. 4).

Ask the pupils to read the words. They take turns to read them.

Pair work: Ask the pupils to match the words and the pictures.

Ask the pupils to come up to the board and write them down.

Help and correct the answers if necessary.

Read the sentences one by one.




Give instructions to the class.

When you start an instruction with the phrase “Simon says” (e. g., Simon says, sit down), the class should perform the action.

If you say an instruction without the phrase “Simon says”(e. g., Sit down), they should not do it.

Any pupil who does the action is out.

Play the game until only one pupil is left.

6. Write (p. 141, ex. 5).

Look at the prepositions. Read them.

Read the sentences and fill in the gaps using the prepositions from the boxes. Key: 1. in; 2. above; 3. to; 4. below; 5. on; 6. between; 7. next to; 8. on; 9. at.


Team game

Divide the class into two teams.

Hold up a picture, or draw a picture on the board.

A pupil from one team says the word.

If it is correct, that team wins a point.

If the pupil does not know the word, the other team can try to say the word, to win a bonus point.


7. Speak English (p. 141, ex. 6).

Ask the pupils to describe their school life. Use the words from the previous units.

Help the pupils to describe using different questions.


Draw a picture or a plan of your own classroom and label the furniture.

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