Project Work. Grammar Revision. Music in Our Life

II Семестр



Тема. Project Work. Grammar Revision. Music in Our Life

Мета: формувати лексичні навички з нової теми; вдосконалювати навички читання, усного мовлення; практикувати в уживанні нових лексико-граматичних структур у словосполученнях та реченнях з теми; навчити учнів уживати нові JIO з використанням зорових лексичних опор; розвивати логічне мислення, спостережливість і кмітливість; виховувати увагу, уміння чітко виконувати інструкції вчителя.


I. Організація класу. Привітання

II. Підготовка до іноземного


Фонетична й мовленнєва зарядка.

III. Основна частина уроку

A) Ех. 5, p. Ill – Find information and write a short report about a famous composer.

B) Ex. 1, p. 112 – Project work. Work in groups. We are having a class meeting. You want to design a newspaper issue devoted to music. Share the roles. Discuss your plans. Follow the recommendations given below.

C) Ex. 2, p. 113 – Design a newspaper. Present it to your classmates.

Your assignment; choose the material for the issue and complete the following information about the organization of the newspaper.


The six people in the band are Chester, Mike, Rob, Brad, Joe and Phoenix. Chester is from Arizona, but everyone else is from California. They are friends from school and college. They are different from many other bands because they write their own songs.

Their music is a mixture of rock and hip-hop. Chester and Mike write the songs. They write about things that happen to everyone because they want people

to understand their music.

Where does the name Linkin Park come from? Chester often travels past Lincoln Park in California because it is between his house and the recording studio. He likes the park and he thinks that it is a good name for a band. The spelling is different because of the Internet.

Lincoln park. com is a website about the park and Linkinpark. com is a website about the band.

Their fans are very important to them. They sign autographs for their fans at every concert. They like to talk to their fans to hear what they think. Chester says, “We have a very good relationship with our fans. We have to understand them because we can’t be successful without them”.

D) Ex. 2, p. 113 – Change sentences in the Active into the Passive Voice.

– Two tickets were bought by me to the concert yesterday.

– A new disc will be brought by my friend tomorrow.

– Musical instruments are sold by them in this shop.

– This famous violin has been stolen by them recently.

– This opera will be staged by us at the beginning of the next season.

– Musical festivals are often participated by my mother.

E) Ex. 3, p. 113 – Read and choose the correct item to complete the sentences:

– is played

– studied

– is loved

– has been composed

– will be opened

– greeted

F) Ex. 4, p. 114 – Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

IV. Завершальна частина уроку

Домашнє завдання

Ех. 6, р. 114.

Підсумок уроку

Учитель підбиває підсумки уроку й оцінює роботу учнів.

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