Sports and Games


Lesson 2 Sports and Games

1. Listen to the dialogue and complete the table after it. Then act out the dialogue with your partner.

Buggy: Do you like sports?

Jane: Oh, yes, I do.

Buggy: What sports do you like?

Jane: I like to watch swimming, skating, and tennis, and I like to play volleyball. I go running and skiing. What about you, Buggy?

Buggy: Well, I like football. I watch it and play it. I also like to watch boxing and rowing. But I hate swimming and basketball.

Jane: Well, I don’t like boxing. It’s a dangerous sport. And I hate hockey.

Sports and Games

2. Listen and read the text. Complete the chart given after it.


You can imagine the different kinds of sports people play in the world as preferences of the people are also different. Some of the sports fans are fond of archery, fencing or cycling, while others

still like boxing, swimming or horse races.

If you are strong you may participate in wrestling or weightlifting, or even shot put, but if you are quick-witted you may be good at chess or draughts. You should be very attentive if you want to compete in tennis, especially table tennis. Of course you should practise a lot if you choose gymnastics or figure skating as your favourite kind of sport. You should also combine your artistic talent together with your physical strength. Those who are crazy about winter sports may consider skiing, ski jumping or skating. There is also a great variety of indoor team games.

Basketball, hockey, volleyball and especially football (or as Americans say – soccer) are very popular.

Summer sports

Winter sports

Water sports

Outdoor games

Team sports

Individual sports

3. Listen and read the dialogue. Bole-play it with your partner.

Stephanie: David, do you do a lot of sports?

David: Yes, I exercise every day.


How many sports do you do?

David: Five. They are swimming, tennis, cycling, yoga, and jogging.

Stephanie: Why do you like swimming?

David: Because it’s good for the back and it’s fun.

Stephanie: And cycling? What is cycling good for?

David: The legs. I like it because it is not expensive and I think it’s relaxing.

Stephanie: You also do yoga. What do you like yoga for?

David: Yes. That’s right. Yoga’s good for many things, but very good for breathing. It’s also very relaxing.

Stephanie: Well, but jogging isn’t relaxing.

David: No, it isn’t. But it’s good for you if you want to lose weight and it’s also very good for breathing. It’s very good for the heart, too. Stephanie: And tennis?

David: Yes, I like tennis very much. Tennis is fun and sometimes it’s very exciting. It’s very good for the arms and legs, and for your heart, too.

4. Complete the sentences with a proper word. Use the dictionary if necessary.

1. An archer uses a bow and….

A) a ball b) a net c) an arrow

2. A roller skater skates….

A) on ice b) on a field c) in a rink

3. A… player does not use a racket.

A) tennis b) handball c) squash

4. … does not use a ball.

A) Karate b) Squash c) Bowling

5. There are only two people in….

A) ice hockey b) wrestling c) volleyball

6. You play… on a pitch.

A) football b) tennis c) hockey

7. Ping Pong is….

A) volleyball b) tennis c) table tennis

8. A… has got two wheels.

A) backpack b) bike c) horse

9. … does not use a net.

A) Ping Pong b) tennis c) squash

10. … don’t need a uniform.

A) Hockey players b) Football players c) Joggers

5. Look at the list of sports. Which of them follow the word to? The word to go’? The word to do’l Fill in the blanks. Use the dictionary if necessary.

Sports and Games

6. Copy the chart into your exercise book and complete it with examples for the given rules.

Sports and Games

7. Sort out the words into the correct column.



Singular and plural

Families, storey, mice, fish, men, tooth, ox, children, houses, sheep, feet, lice, woman, eyes, deer, ear, faces, fox, geese, shelves, roof.

8. Speak on the topic “Sports and Games”.

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