The World of Cinema and Theatre

Unit 4 The World of Cinema and Theatre

Lesson 1

Ex. 7, p. 131

I like to go to the cinema. When I have free time, I always go to see a new film. When I want to go to the cinema I usually look in the program what films are on. Then I phone my friend and we discuss what films to see. We prefer feature films, but also enjoy cartoons and popular science films. The last film I saw was the screen version of the novel “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. It’s an old film but it still enjoys great popularity. There are many famous American actors in it with Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable starring. I was deeply impressed by their acting and the film itself. It hasn’t lost its visual splendor with the passage of time.

Lesson 2

Ex. 1, p. 132

1. films. 2. comedies. 3. entertain me. 4.1 like watching adventure films because they enlighten and inspire me.

Ex. 2, p. 132

1. an adventure film; 2. a feature film.


5, p. 134

Every day films of different kinds are shown on TV: touching melodramas, entertaining comedies, frightening horror, exciting action films, unforgettable thrillers, true-to-life historical films, educational documentaries. They are so various that can suit different tastes. Some films grab our attention from the very first moment, some seem to be a drag. It is up to you to decide to watch the film or not. I am sure that a good film is a relaxation and means of entertainment.

I prefer thrilling films with the happy end. I am supposed to say about the film “Appolo 13”. The central characters are Jim Lovell, Tom Hanks and Ken Mattingly. Good action, pleasing photography, special effects make the film a real blockbaster. The plot is clever and the acting is brilliant. I don’t know whom the film was directed by. It is a kind of science – fiction films.

The mission hasn’t made any headlines and everything has gone perfectly. After three days in space three Applo astronauts including Jim Lovell have nearly reached the moon. In Houston, astronaut Ken Mattingly considered

himself the unluckiest man on the earth. Two days before fly, he was left out of the Appolo 13 crew for medical reasons. So Mattingly was in Mission Control when Jim Lovell sent this terrifying message to Houston. The spaceship had problems. Something had gone horribly wrong and power and guidance systems were down and the supply oxygen rapidly ran out. The crew faced a horrifying reality – their spaceship, lost miles away in space, might never return to the Earth. For three days, world watched in anxious silence, without knowing whether the men of Appolo 13 would

Come alive. But this film has a happy end – the spaceship landed to the Earth and three men were safe and sound. There is no dull moment in the film. It is definitely worth seeing.

Films teach us tell wrong from right, to defend those who are in danger, to be kind and patient, to find other way in life, to believe in love and friendship. They make us either laugh or cry, feel calm or nervous, happy or miserable

Ex. 6, p. 134

1. are produced. 2. use. 3. comprise. 4. are shown. 5. is given. 6. is considered. 7. entertain. 8. educate. 9. enlighten. 10. inspire. 11. become. 12. translate. 13. are. 14. reflect. 15. affect.

Lesson 3, 4

Ex. 1, p. 135

1. a hall, a billboard. 2. a box office.

Ex. 3, p. 136

1. Ukraine, one of the best cinemas in Kyiv.

2. is always accompanied by a sensation here.

3. corresponds to all the modem standards.

4. are installed.

5. special sound-absorbing panels, new pearl screen and comfortable seats.

6. special props for drinks and popcorn.

7. six monitors, a video projector and three bars.

8. a unique calm and homelike atmosphere.

Ex. 4, p. 137

1. Science fiction films are always accompanied by sensation.

2. The reconstruction of our local cinema will start in a month.

3. Is there a wonderful terrace located on the second floor?

4. Does the cinema “Ukraine” correspond to all modem standards?

5. The interior design, service, location and quality of programs attract the audience to the cinema.

6. Do the seats in the halls of cinema feature any special props for drinks and popcorn?

Ex. 6, p. 138

1. to begin with; 2. as a result; 3. what is more; 4. on the other hand; 5. fir example; 6. but all in all.

Ex. 8, p. 138

Two weeks ago I went to the cinema with my friends. The movie that we’ve watched was called “Harry Potter”. It was a fantasy movie and I liked it a lot. Sometimes it made me laugh because of some very moments and the dialogs between its heroes. That film impressed me very much because there were great decorations and all the actors had interesting costumes.

Lesson 5

Ex. 4, p. 141

1. b; 2. c; 3. a; 4. b; 5. c; 6. a.

Ex. 6, p. 141

As for me the most friendly and outgoing Disney’s character is “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”. The film features Rod Taylor as the voice of Pongo, the first of the Dalmatians, and Betty Lou Gerson as the voice of the villainous Cruella de Vil. The plot centers on the fate of the kidnapped puppies of Pongo and Predita.

Ex. 2, p. 142

1. Why do people go to the theatre?

2. Why do you need to buy ticket firstly?

3. Where can you buy a ticket? 4. Who works at the theatre?

4. How do people who play on the stage called?

5. How does the play usually start?

6. When is it usually over?

7. Where can you leave your clothes?

8. How does the audience greets the actors?

Ex. 5, p. 144

A. : Where did you go last Sunday?

B. : I went to the National Opera of Ukraine named after Taras Schevchenko.

A. : What was on there?

B. : There was a great opera called “Traviatta”.

A. : Where did you sit during the performance?

B. : We sat in the front row.

A. : Did you like the performance there?

B. : Oh yes, I did very much. Everything was so close that I thought that I was playing with the actors and actresses.

Ex. 7, p. 144

1. The lights went down and it was difficult to find the seats in the theatre hall.

2. We showed our tickets to the usher when the second bell rang. The performance started in three minutes.

3. When the curtain goes up, you can see the scenery on the stage.

4. They discussed the performance when they saw the actress who have played the leading role in the performance.

5. The afternoon performance at the theatre usually starts at one o’clock.

6. The Parkers are in the cloakroom. They have already left their coats and hats there. Now they are taking the opera glasses.

7. When the play has finished, the spectators broke into applause. They really liked the play.

Ex. 8, p. 145

As for me I like going to the theatre. Reading books is also very interesting but only in the theatre you can see the real scenery, feel the spirit of a story. Actors help us to understand all the emotions and actions of the characters so we can understand everything right.

Books also have some advantages such as you don’t have to buy tickets and you can read a book any convenient time for you.

Lessons 8,9

Ex. 3, p. 146

1. It was founded in 1989.

2. The theatre auditorium has seats for 100 people.

3. The actors are all marionettes.

4. The theatre repertoire is aimed at family audience and children of 6 and more.

5. Yes, they do.

6. Yes, it has.

Ex. 7, p. 148

There are not many theatres in my town, but they are all very popular with the public. I am a theatre lover, too. As for me, I prefer drama to all other theatres, but I also like opera and musical comedy. I’ll never forget my first visit to the Opera and Ballet Theatre. My friend and I wanted to see the famous ballet “Swan Lake” by Tchai – kovskyi. We bought the tickets in advance and came to the theatre half an hour before the show. At 7 sharp the performance began. From the very first minute I was deeply impressed by everything I saw on the stage. The costumes were fine. The dancing and music were thrilling. The ballet seemed to me a fairy-tale. I had never seen anything more wonderful.

My friend also enjoyed every minute of it. When the curtain fell at the end of the performance, there came a storm of applause. It seemed that it would never end. The dancers received call after call. They were presented with large bouquets of flowers. We also applauded enthusiastically. The performance was a great success.

Lessons 10,11

Ex. 3, p. 149

1. a; 2. a; 3. b; 4. a

Ex. 4, p. 150

1. When you watch a film or come to the theatre to enjoy the theatrical performance you also become the part of a wonderful adventure.

2. I always try to watch a new film on a wide screen at the cinema.

3. My brother likes to watch comedies more than traditional feature films.

4. What makes the cinema a popular place to visit?

5. The person who meets you at the entrance of the theatre hall is called an usher.

6. The interval, starts when the lights go up.

Ex. 5(1), p. 150

A. : Hi! Yesterday I’ve watched a great comedy at the cinema and I enjoyed it a lot!

B. : Oh, really? Tell me about it, please.

A. : It was called “Big troubles”. It was about a family of three people and also there were some other characters such as a tramp and two killers who were very dumb.

B. : So what was the episode you liked the most?

A.: It was an episode about those two dumb killers. They put tights on their heads and couldn’t see a thing during the robbery.

A. : Mum, Dad, our school Drama Club staged a funny play and I took part in it!

B. : Oh, why didn’t you invite us?

A. : I was too shy because it was my first attempt to play.

B. : Oh, darling, so what was the play about?

A.: I was a “Devoted wife” by Somerset Maugham. It was about a young woman who wanted to go traveling with out her unfaithful husband. Some of my friends took part in it and it was very funny to do such a thing together!

Lesson 12

Ex. 1, p. 151

A) 1. c; 2. a; 3. b; 4. d.

B) 1. Where is the Oleksandr Dovzhenko Film Studios located? 2. Whom is the Film Studios named after?

3. When did the construction begin? 4. Whom is the Schorsovsky film pavilion named after? 5. What are many memorial plates connected into? 6. Who planted the apple orchard?

Ex. 2, p. 151

I. took; 2. performed; 3. was made; 4. are; 5. has; 6. take;

7. live; 8. was built; 9. is considered as; 10. are staged;

II. won; 12. include.

Ex. 4, p. 151

B) 1. Whom was the Sydney Opera House designed by? 2. When was it opened? 3. What was its first performance? 4. How much did it cost to build the Opera House? 5. How many events does it conduct each year? 6. How many people visit it every year during the guide tours? 7. What is the amount of its audience? 8. How many rooms does it include?

9. How many meters is the Opera House long and wide? 10. How many tiles does it have on the roof?

Ex. 5, p. 153

The cinema in our city is equipped with modern sound system and it makes the sound in the film realistic. Sometimes it seemed to me that I was taking part in the film. Sometimes I take part in the cinema festivals and enjoy watching different films in this cinema because of the quality of the sound. But it is not the only reason: the cinema is equipped with comfortable seats and a really big screen makes you impressed. I always get unforgettable impressions after watching films in this cinema.

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