Unit 5. SPORT

Unit 5. SPORT

Lesson 1

Ex. 5, p. 105

1. is needed

2. encouraged

3. studies

4. have you set?

5. invited

6. will organized

Lesson 2

Ex. 3, p. 107

1. How are you getting on?

2. Where are you going.

3. I have been training hero for only a short while.

4. He has been attending this sport club for two years.

Ex. 5, p. 108

1. Are sitting, have been watching

2. Is talking, has been talking

3. Are playing, have been playing

4. Is training, has been attending

5. Is watching, has been training

6. Are watching, have been watching

Lesson 3

Ex. 5, p. 110

Sports plays an important role in our life. It helps us keep fit and lead he>

Nor everybody has time and wish to s join any sport club. But we have PE lessons twice a week.

We have a very good teacher, Mr Black who makes our lessons interesting. We have lots of facilities

in our school gym. They make our lesson to become a kind of active rest.

We often play team games. They help us to keep fit and learn to work as one team and respect each other.

All in all i enjoy our PE lesson but I would like to have more time for team games because some exercises are boring.

Lesson 4

Ex. 4 (b), p. 111

Which sport club do you visit?

What are your favourite kinds of sport? Why do you like them?

How long have you been attending this club?

When did you begin to play sport?

Did you ask you friends to join you?

Ex. 6, p. 111

Dear Ben,

I am writing in reply to your request for information about sports which are popular among teenagers in Ukraine. I have done a class survey recently and I think I’d let you know about my friends’ favourite activities. Everybody says that playing sport is very exciting.

We have school competitions during the year. Many of my classmates take part in

Them. We learn to be a part of a team. The other great thing is our tennis club. I have been attending it for two years. So you can see that sport is very popular in our school. It’s best to join any sport club and have training with your friends.

So why not give it a try? It’s lots of fun.

Yours Tim

Lesson 5-6

Ex. 5, p. 112

1. Where has Mary been running for two hours?

2. How long has Ann been training in the jym?

3. What game has Steve been playing?

4. Who has been training Sue for 5 years.

Ex. 6, p.113

1. has been

2. have already known

3. have been playing

4. has played

5. has broken

6. have been training

Ex. 7, p.113

1. an opponent,

2. to reserve,

3. coach,

4. teammate,

5. attitude,

6. influence,

7. a referee,

8. sportsmanship

Ex. 9, p. 113

Here are some sports rules every sportsman should follow.

Respect your teammates as well as your opponents.

All kind of physical activities deserve positive attitude.

Keep moving and enjoy it.

Eat he>

Lessons 7-8

Ex. 6, p. 115

The Oxford and Cambridge boat race Sporting activities at Oxford and Cambridge are numerous There are different competitions between the colleges. One of the most popular sports is rowing. So every year a famous boat race between Oxford and Cambridge universities take place every year. It is very popular not only among the students. Thousands of people come to support their favourite team.

It is held in London on the Thames, during the Easter vacation, at the end of March or

Me beginning of April. The course, from Putney to Mortlake, is 4 1/4 miles long. In each boat there are eight oarsmen and a cox (рулевой). The cox, who is much lighter than the others, sets the speed and the rhythm. On Boat Race Saturday the banks and bridges of the Thames are thick with people who have come to watch. Some wear dark blue ribbons (лента) for Oxford, and some wear pale blue ones for Cambridge.

Lessons 9-10

Ex. 6, p. 117

Among all the sportsmen in the world I like Klitschko brothers most of all. Vitali Klitschko (born 19 July 1971) and Wladimir Klitschko (born 25 March 1976), collectively known as ehe Klitschko brothers are Ukrainian heavyweight boxers.

They live in Germany and in Ukraine, where they are media stars. Both brothers made their professional debut on November 6, 1996 in Hamburg. Since then both have been heavyweight world champions in boxing. They have stated they will never fight each other. After a series of injuries, Vitali had a career break of almost four years. In his comeback fight in Berlin on October 11, 2008 he defeated Samuel Peter to regain the title of WBC world heavyweight champion. At that time Wladimir was already world heavyweight champion with the. That was the first time in history with two brothers world champions at the same time.

The Klitschko brothers appear together on German TV shows and commercials, have a common website klitschko. com and support each other’s training and fights. Now they have a combined professional boxing record of 101 wins and 5 defeats.

Lesson 11

Ex. 1, p. 119

1. Have been practising

2. Has been going

3. Have been building

4. Have been watching

5. Have been discussing

6. Have been completing

Ex. 2, p. 118

1. Where have they been training for two hours?

2. Where has ho participated this year?

3. When did your brother attend the tennis club?

4. What are they doing now?

5. What kinds of sports and games are there?

6. When can we go skiing?

Ex. 3, p. 118

1. He has been going in for gymnastics for 3 years.

2. She has been going in for figure skating for 5 years.

3. He has been going in for volleyball for 2 years.

4. She has been going in for swimming for 5 years.

Ex. 5, p. 119

Sport plays a very important role in our life. Tastes differ. As for me I am a fan of tennis I am a member of our school tennis club. I signed up for tennis 2 years ago. I like sport so I thought it would be easy for me but my coach said that I must work hard. At thebeginning it seemed I didn’t make any progress at all but in a month things were getting better. I have been training hard for a year. I had a very qualified coach and he helped me a lot. When there was a tournament for the beginners, I took the second, place. My friends supported me at the stadium and it was great. Now I am one of the most experienced tennis players in our team and take part in all school competitions.

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