Willie’s School


Lesson 9.1 Willie’s School

1. Speak about your school using these words.

There are three floors in our school.


Principal’s office






Sports ground

2. Say what you should do and what you should not do in the places from Task 1?

We shouldn’t push our classmates in the hall.

Have a snack

Say hello

Listen to the teacher

Push a classmate


Go through the door

Play football

Lose a game

3. Think of a school rule. Let your partner guess


– We shouldn’t do it in the classroom.

– We shouldn’t eat in the classroom.

– My rule is different.

– We shouldn’t run in the classroom.

– Yes, it is my rule.

4. Do you know these words?




Physical training

Fill in the gaps with these words.

1. Willie… pushed his teachers.

2. Willie was a good… in school.

3. Willie ran, jumped and played basketball at the… lesson.

4. Willie was very… and he always said “sorry” and “excuse me”.

Willies School

5. Listen to the story and say which sentences are true in Task 4.

6. Listen and answer the questions.

What didn’t Willie say when he was not right?

When did he come to school?

Who did he push?

Where did he push his teacher?

What did Willie say when he pushed his teacher?


was his second lesson?

What did Willie like and dislike?

7. Match these polite phrases.


Never mind!

See you soon!

It was my pleasure.

Thanks for a nice tea party!

You are welcome!

Oh, thank you very much!

Good afternoon!

I am sorry!

Take care!

8. Finish the sentences. Use the polite words from Task 7

1. I pushed my classmate and said He told me

2. I gave the book back to my friend and said He told me

3. When I saw the principal of my school, I said He answered

4. After school I went home and said to my friend She told me

5. We watched a nice film with my friend, and I said She answered

9. Read and correct 3 mistakes.

We should sleep in the school.

We shouldn’t read in the school.

We should sit on the desks in the school.

What rules do you have in school? Write 5 of them.

We should…

We shouldn’t…

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