Цілі: перевірити рівень умінь учнів з письма.


Choose any topic you like and write a short paragraph.

Write a letter to your pen friend about you and your friends.

– tell your name and say a few words about your appearance and your character;

– describe your friends;

– tell what you usually do after school, if you go in for some kind of sport and what your favourite sport is;

– which of your friends are good at this or that kind of sports.

Write about your entertaining habits.

– how you usually spend your free time;

– what your favourite activity is;

– how often you go out with your friends;

– if you liked your last visit to the cinema / theatre / another city and what you saw.

Write instructions that tell somebody how to cure something.


– you saw somebody had lost consciousness;

– your friend’s cut his finger;

– a cat has scratched your arms heavily;

– somebody has got a terrible headache.

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