I Go by Bus


Lesson 1.2 I Go by Bus

1. Match the pictures to the words.

I Go by Bus

2. Close your textbook and say 6 sentences about the dragons.

The yellow dragon goes by motorcycle.

3. Choose a means of transport. Let your partner guess it.

I Go by Bus


He, she, it goes by train.

I, you, they, we go by train.

Does he go by train?

Do you go by train?

4. Mime a means of transport. Let your partner name it

5. Match the words to the pictures.

I Go by Bus

Make up sentences with the words.










strict chameleon lives in the dark cave.

6. Read the text and compare your sentences in Task 5.

The white dragon goes to the Yellow dragon. Yellowie goes by motorcycle. The dragon sees him and stops.

Dragon. Hello, Yellowie! Glad to see you!

Yellowie. Hello! Glad to see you too!

Dragon. You are so beautiful!

Yellowie. Thanks; it’s because of my colour. Yellow is very bright! But why are you white and not bright at all?

Dragon. I don’t want to be white. Can you help me?

Yellowie. Only Chameleon can help you. He lives in the cave, the dark cave. You can go there by train. Chameleon has got a lot of colours.

Dragon. Chameleon, dark cave…

Yellowie. But be careful! He is very strict.

Dragon. Strict?

Yellowie. He likes only polite dragons. Remember to say please and thanks, hello and goodbye.

Dragon. I’ll be very polite.

Yellowie. So, good luck! Be polite!

Dragon. Thanks! Goodbye!

7. Read and finish the sentences about Yellowie.

The… dragon’s name is…

… sees…

… lives in…

… can (can’t) help…

… goes by…

… tells him to go to…

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